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...what you want to be

...o wonderer, being a pirate or marine, welcome to the tribute to the one and only Ace D. Portgas. This shrine was made by Saya, who is totaly in love with this fantastic character born by the fantastic mind of one and only Eiichiro Oda.

As all shrines, you should beware of the spoilers that are around, because, we already don't know much about him, but some new things came out in the last chapters I read (till around 550 or something more).

This is an one page shrine, that I hope one day to transform in a bigger shrine - and I want to share my love for him with you. With this shrine we are partecipating also to the one-page marathon organised by amassment.

AGAIN ATTENTION to all the spoilers in this shrine, and lets face it, this is a personal point of view on this fantastic character, because those who know Saya, will know she mostly loves characters that actualy have not much information or simply none. And naturaly this shrine is dedicated to the person who, in my point of view, is the most one piece holic I ever seen: Taichou! Hoping I'm giving him justice!

Saya | 30th November2009

Ace D. Portgas

...White Beard's right hand

We begin to find out interesting information in the last few chapters that came out (around 550), and it puts Ace in totally new light, as before.

Ace was born on January 1st, and we also know that, that’s the same date as Eiichiro Oda who created this character. He is 20 years old and is one of the commanders in the Whitebeard’s pirates – he was the commander of the Spade Pirates before he went to hunt Blackbeard. We could almost say that Oda again did a game with the name: Ace of Spades

He is also known as Fire Fist Ace, and bears his mother’s surname: Portgas, that is still not confirmed if it was inspired by the real pirate Bartholomew Portugues that lived in the pirate era.

His real surname is Gol D., being the son of Gold Roger, even if he doesn’t want to have anything with that man, and he alone said that his father is Whitebeard.

His first appearance in the manga was in the 154 chapter while in anime he appears for the first time in the episode 91.

Story of a young life

...his background

There are few mostly important moments in Ace’s life, those who really matter about him. One is when he was born, his future unsure. Then the second moment is when he goes on the sea, to become a pirate. The third is the way he became part of Whitebeard’s crew, followed by the forth part where he tries to hunt down Blackbeard and the last part is being captured and prepared for the execution. Those are the five main points in the boy’s life, maybe there is not much known about him, but I’ll try to write the essential parts of his background.

His fate was almost decided before he was born, having a pirate like Gold Roger as father, and I presume that also his mother Rogue D. Portgas was a pirate or criminal or something. When his father decided to turn himself in, his mother fled to protect her unborn son, and before his execution Gold Roger asked Grap to take his son, because unborn children musn’t bear their parent’s sins. Grap decided to take in the boy, who stayed orphaned, his mother died after naming him. So hi was taken in by the Monkey D. family.

When he was around 16-17 he left the village to become a pirate and got himself his own crew named Spade pirates. He becomes quite strong, even more after eating the Mera Mera no Mi and sometimes during that time he is asked to join the Shichibukai, but he refuses and goes to hunt Whitebeard. During the search he runs in Jinbei and they have a fight that is long 5 days, and in the end both fain exhausted, and it’s called a draw.

He finally finds Whitebard, attacks him and naturally looses. Whitebeard knows who he is, even if Ace is not aware, and actually likes him and offers him to become his son… part of his crew.
In the beginning Ace refuses with all his might, trying even to assassinate in various ways Whitebeard, but in the end he gives in and becomes totally loyal to his new captain, and his own crew becomes part of Whitebeard’s pirates. Later he even becomes commander in second.

When still under Whitebeard’s command, Blackbeard is even under Ace, and they are quite friendly, till the moment Blackbeard kills one of his mates and Ace wants to revenge him. At first Whitebeard doesn’t want to let the young man to go after the criminal, because he thinks that after Blackbeard has eaten the devil fruit, Ace wouldn’t be match for him, but in the end he accepts this and lets Ace hunting the former mate.
While on hunt for Blackbeard, Ace meets his brother Luffy and helps him in Alabasta, blocking Smoker, and then before leaving gives a biblicard to Luffy, saying so that way they would meet again.
He is finally able to track down Blackbeard, and engages a battle with him, which is lost, even if Ace doesn’t give in till the last moment… and here Blackbeard gives him in to the Marine so he can join Shinchibukai.

The last part, is the part that is still not finished in the manga, and is sent to the worst prison named Impel Down. He is kept there chained and waiting to be executed – during this time he is visited by Grap and they have a little talk, and Ace knows that Whitebeard is coming down to save him.
He later is also informed by Boa, that Luffy is coming to rescue him, and gets worried and angry at the same time because of it, knowing well that his younger brother would be really so crazy to do something like that.
Before Luffy manages to reach the 6th level, Ace is taken away to where he will be publicly executed and while he is there on his knees the truth about his parents comes out…while Whitebeard appears to save him… and we shall wait to see what will happen in the next chapters.


...the relationships he shares

Monkey D. Luffy – His brother, maybe not by blood, but those two are real brothers when it comes to care. Both of them respect each other, and Ace’s normal behavior towards the younger is a caring older brother, while on the same way, both try to understand the others motives, and even if they love each other, they let the other do what is their wish. For example when Ace asks Luffy to join the Whitebeard’s crew, the younger refuses, and the older accepts it without a hunch.
Luffy knows very well that Ace wouldn’t allow him to go save him, but when he founds out that Ace will be executed, he changes his priorities, knowing his nakama would be safe, he rushes to save him, and making again worry Ace.
In the latest chapters Oda shows us that Luffy is aware that he and Ace don’t share their blood, and even who’s son Ace is, but still the boy treats him as a brother, because sometimes this kind of relationships are stronger then the blood ones.

Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard – Their relationship didn’t begin well, at least from Ace’s part, because he tried to kill the man, and when Whitebeard saw the potential in the boy, also knowing that Ace was son to his rival, who he respected the most, he decided to take him under his wing, which the boy totally refused at the beginning, and Whitebeard took him and all Spades pirates with him.
When Ace finally accepted him as his captain, he begin to know better him and decided that he wanted to make him become Pirate King, unknowing that Whitebeard’s idea was to help Ace to become the Pirate King.
Their relationships is like father-son, but that’s something Whitebeards shares with all of his crew, and Ace sees great potential in that man, besides the caring way he has to his own crew.

Monkey D. Grap – Was actually the marine who fighted his father, and to whom his father begged to take him somewhere safe, because no child should carry his parent’s sins. At the begning Grap didn’t want to do it, but then, he decided to adopt the boy and take him in to his family where Ace met Luffy.
It may not seem but both respect each other, and Grap would have wanted Ace to become a marine, and the same for Luffy, but Ace has an answer to this and told him, that it’s impossible for both of them to become marines, because they are children of criminals and in them is their blood.Grap is also the one that trained the boy and his physical straight comes from those awful trainings in the past, so that both boys would be able to defend themselves on the sea when they would leave their nest.

Gol D. Roger aka Gold RogerThe famous pirate king who died with a smile on his face is actually Ace’s father, and the only thing we know about this relationship is that Ace isn’t really fond of him, and maybe is the only one who actually doesn’t see him as a role model as all the others do.


Portgas D. Rogue – Ace’s mother, is the woman who was Gold Roger’s partner (we don’t actually know if they were married) and is the one who carried her son for 20 months in her womb to protect him, to hide him, so that he was born a whole year after his father’s death. It isn’t known how she did it, but she did it this way, so they couldn’t tell he was Gold’s son. She died soon after he was born, the only thing she managed to do, was actually giving the boy a name.


Marshall D. Teach aka BlackbeardHe was under Ace’s command in the Whitebeard’s crew, and they had quite a good relationship till Blackbeard didn’t murdered a mate to get the Devil fruit and Ace took it personally going after him to catch him, saying he dishonored Whitebeard and all his crew by doing so. But Blackbeard become so powerful that Ace wasn’t able to win over him, and Marshall gave him to the marines so he could become part of Shichibukai. He could be defined as the enemy number one, when it comes to Ace, who definitely felt quite betrayed by the man.

His way of fighting

...his powers

Even before he ate the devil fruit, Ace was already quite powerful, neither Luffy with his own power (he has eaten the fruit before his older brother), never managed to beat him.
As he was trained by Grap, it made his resistance stronger, and even when he comes to hands he has no problems on taking down opponents.

He normaly carries a knife, but in the manga we could see that when he tried to take down Whitebeard he also used an axe, beside his knife.

He ate Mera Mera no mi a logia (elemental) devil fruit, that gives him the abilities to dominate the fire and also gave him his nick name Fire Fist. His power is huge, because with one hand he managed to destroy a huge amount of Baroque Works ships without effort.

In my eyes I see him

From the moment I saw him, he became my favorite, I still don’t know why, but maybe only the fact at how he loves his younger brother, or simply how he fun and cool (even if he is fire) he is. I still remember how I was laughing hard when I saw him the first time introduced by his sleeping in the food he was eating.

There are few things about this character that touches me, even more after catching up with the manga.

One is how he cares for Luffy, even thou they aren’t blood related, and maybe that’s the most important thing, because maybe it’s because of that, that both boys care for each other like that.

The we can pass on his loyalty to his captain, to Whitebeard, whom he sees like his father figure, and respects, and wants to help him become the Pirate King.

His disrespect toward his real father, that I find quite strange, maybe he felt the fact that Gold Roger turned in himself was a way of abandoning him and his mother, making him feel betrayed by the one who should have stayed along with him.

His dedication to what he does, running after Blackbeard because he wants to avenge a fallen comrade.
I cried when I saw him all tied up in the prison and the fact that he in the end is much more like his father then he would ever admit… actually they are the same… because I think Gold Roger turned in to protect his mate and his unborn son. And Ace doesn’t flinches, he just hopes that Whitebeard won’t come to save him, because there are much more important things he has to do then saving him.

It makes me smile every time he worries for his reckless brother, but still he is as reckless as Luffy. He didn’t want to hear Whitebeard’s reasoning, when it comes to honor.
The reading the last chapters for a moment I found myself thinking that maybe Ace D. Portgas is actually Gold Roger’s treasure… the ONE PIECE. But… it’s highly impossible nee?

Connections to Ace

Because Oda has some good brains

Here are some really interesting connections that can go with Ace and that I found around the net

  1. Spade Pirates with Ace as their Captain - Ace of Spades... also the game card known as spadille and is the highest card in the deck, besides the fact that in myths and folklore is also known as a death card...
  2. Ace shares his birthday date with his creator Oda...
  3. His english voice actor gave his voice also to Roy Mustang... another firey person.
  4. If Ace was born a female, his name would be Annie
  5. The smiles on the hat that Ace wears, are also used by Doflamingo and Trafalgar Law.

The shrine

...why, how, links

Ace is one of my favorite characters from One Piece, and even if he appears for few pages in the volume 18, and then only after volume 50 he has more space in the story, he is one of my favorite anyway, he has this attitude of coolness even if he is made of fire. And I tough that I should make a tribute dedicated to him, simply because he is a fantastic character and there is no shrine dedicated to him.

The layout was made using one of rare pictures of this fantastic character and colored in photoshop by me. For making graphics it was used Photoshop cs3 and cs4, while for coding like always I used macromedia dreamweaver.

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